Robotic in-service api 653 inspections

Intrinsically Safe DolphinBot Robot

Intrinsically safe DolphinBot robot performs API 653 "in-service" inspections.

The DolphinBot robot performs American Petroleum Institute API 653 inspections of petrochemical aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) while the tank is "in-service" and full of oil so you don't have to put people inside the tank.  Intrinsically safe means the robot can't cause an explosion and is the safest type of technology that you can use.  

According to the 80/20 rule, and operating experience, only about 20% of ASTs are problem tanks that may need repairs after 10 years of service.  The other 80% of tanks should be inspected robotically.  

The DolphinBot is a non-tethered "swimmer" (not vulnerable to getting stuck inside the tank) that uses a sensor module that can be raised and lowered to take ultrasonic sound thickness measurements of the steel floor.  

The DolphinBot also uses cameras for visual inspection, detects settlement issues (ring wall, bird baths, and donuts), standing water and general corrosion areas, and can examine in and  around piping, sumps, columns, and other obstructions.  Inspection data is encrypted and sent by radio frequency to "Mission Control" in Houston, TX for analysis and storage on the cloud.

Industry Leading Technology


INTREPID Robotics developed its technology through license agreements on issued patents with the U.S. Department of Energy and NASA. During research and development, and while building and testing a minimum viable prototype (MVP) of the DolphinBot robot, we discovered important new technology.   

We filed our own patents pending portfolio for intrinsically safe robotic inspection protocols (ISRIP), tank simultaneous localization and mapping (TSLAM), radio frequency communication, command, and control (RFCCC), and autonomous tank geometry navigation (ATGN), among others.  

Our technology provides for the safest and least costly way to ensure tank integrity.  The DolphinBot can locate 100% of leaks with acoustic emission.  The repair robot is capable of fixing most leaks while the tank is still in-service and full of product.  

Typically, the DolphinBot takes random sample thickness measurements over at least 4% of the floor with most of the readings around the annular ring--the "critical zone"--where the wall meets the floor.  Monte Carlo simulation, and real world experience during initial  research and development at the DOE's Idaho National Lab, shows a 99% correlation coefficient with conventional out-of-service inspections.  Plus, we will know for sure if the tank is leaking!

Save Lives, Money, and the Environment


By contracting with INTREPID Robotics for your API 653 inspections, you will take important steps to saving lives, money and the environment.  Your health, safety, security, and environment (HSSE) department will applaud your choice to employ robotic inspection to avoid the downtime, direct expense, potential environmental impacts, and safety risks to personnel and assets.  

A DolphinBot robotic inspection avoids taking a tank out-of-service, cleaning it out, gas-freeing, and then putting people inside the tank in order to determine if the tank is suitable for service.  

The DolphinBot can also be left inside the tank for ongoing monitoring or surveying up to 99% of the floor.  Over time, these surveys can be compared to indicate problem areas or development of settlement issues, ongoing corrosion, and general deterioration. 

Should a leak develop, the DolphnBot can notify Mission Control in Houston so a repair robot can be sent to stop the leak, if possible. The DolphinBot can also be used as a profiling tool to gather data for fitness for service and to extend the time to an out-of-service inspection under API 581 risk based inspections.

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