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Prospective Regulation A Public Offering

INTREPID Robotics, Inc. is in the process of filing a Form A-1 offering statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a Regulation A, Tier II Offering.  Financing will be used to build out the commercial version of the DolphinBot robot, get it certified for intrinsic safety through Intertek, Inc., and  start "putting a robot in every tank."  Actual investment may not occur until after the SEC has qualified the offering statement for completeness, which could take several months.  

No money or other consideration is being solicited, and if sent in response, will not be accepted.  No sales of the securities will be made or commitment to purchase accepted until delivery of an offering circular that includes complete information about the issuer and the offering.  An indication of interest made by a prospective investor involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.  The Chief Executive Officer of INTREPID Robotics, Inc. is Blake Barnett and the company intends to offer intrinsically safe robotic "in-service" API 653 inspections of petrochemical aboveground storage tanks.  The SEC does not approve nor recommend any securities.  You should do your own due diligence before making any investments in any securities.  Investing in startup or early stage companies carries a high degree of risk .  You should only invest what you can afford to lose because you could lose your entire investment if the company is unable to execute its business plan.

We are allowed to "test the waters" and to take "indications of interest" for the prospective upcoming offering.  If you would like to be updated on when the offering begins, then be sure to sign up with your email address at the Contact Us  panel on the homepage.  We will only use this information to contact you about updates on the offering and to send you a copy of the offering circular after qualification by the SEC.  Your information will be held strictly confidential and will not be revealed to any outside person or company.  Terms of the Offering will be disclosed when the preliminary offering circular is filed with the SEC.  Be sure to tell your friends who are interested in helping to save the environment about our company, our website,  and the prospective offering.

You can  also find out more about petrochemical aboveground  storage tanks, history, regulations, how many ASTs there are around the world, how many are leaking, how much, and much more information about the market by following this link to

Information concerning prospective offerings under Regulation A from Title 17 of the Code of Federal Regulations:

§ 230.254 Solicitation of interest document for use prior to an offering statement. 

(a) An issuer may publish or deliver to prospective purchasers a written document or make scripted radio or television broadcasts to determine whether there is any interest in a contemplated securities offering. Following submission of the written document or script of the broadcast to the Commission, as required by paragraph (b) of this section, oral communications with prospective investors and other broadcasts are permitted. The written documents, broadcasts and oral communications are each subject to the antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws. No solicitation or acceptance of money or other consideration, nor of any commitment, binding or otherwise, from any prospective investor is permitted. No sale may be made until qualification of the offering statement. 

(b) While not a condition to any exemption pursuant to this section: 

(1) On or before the date of its first use, the issuer shall submit a copy of any written document or the script of any broadcast with the Commission's main office in Washington, DC. (Attention: Office of Small Business Review).The document or broadcast script shall either contain or be accompanied by the name and telephone number of a person able to answer questions about the document or the broadcast.       Note: Only solicitation of interest material that contains substantive changes from or additions to previously submitted material needs to be submitted.

(2) The written document or script of the broadcast shall: (i) State that no money or other consideration is being solicited, and if sent in response, will not be accepted; (ii) State that no sales of the securities will be made or commitment to purchase accepted until delivery of an offering circular that includes complete information about the issuer and the offering; (iii) State that an indication of interest made by a prospective investor involves no obligation or commitment of any kind; and (iv) Identify the chief executive officer of the issuer and briefly and in general its business and products. 

(3) Solicitations of interest pursuant to this provision may not be made after the filing of an offering statement. 

(4) Sales may not be made until 20 calendar days after the last publication or delivery of the document or radio or television broadcast. 

(c) Any written document under this section may include a coupon, returnable to the issuer indicating interest in a potential offering, revealing the name, address and telephone number of the prospective investor. 

(d) Where an issuer has a bona fide change of intention and decides to register an offering after using the process permitted by this section without having filed the offering statement prescribed by § 230.252, the Regulation A exemption for offers made in reliance upon this section will not be subject to integration with the registered offering, if at least 30 calendar days have elapsed between the last solicitation of interest and the filing of the registration statement with the Commission, and all solicitation of interest documents have been submitted to the Commission. With respect to integration with other offerings, see § 230.251(c).

(e) Written solicitation of interest materials submitted to the Commission and otherwise in compliance with this section shall not be deemed to be a prospectus as defined in section 2(10) of the Securities Act (15 U.S.C. 77b(10)).     [57 FR 36468, Aug. 13, 1992, as amended at 58 FR 26514, May 4, 1993; 61 FR 67202, Dec. 20, 1996]

§ 230.255 Preliminary Offering Circulars. 

(a) Prior to qualification of the required offering statement, but after its filing, a written offer of securities may be made if it meets the following requirements: 

(1) The outside front cover page of the material bears the caption “Preliminary Offering Circular,” the date of issuance, and the following statement, which shall run along the left hand margin of the page and be printed perpendicular to the text, in boldfaced type at least as large as that used generally in the body of such offering circular:       

An offering statement pursuant to Regulation A relating to these securities has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Information contained in this Preliminary Offering Circular is subject to completion or amendment. These securities may not be sold nor may offers to buy be accepted prior to the time an offering circular which is not designated as a Preliminary Offering Circular is delivered and the offering statement filed with the Commission becomes qualified. This Preliminary Offering Circular shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy nor shall there be any sales of these securities in any state in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the laws of any such state.  

(2) The Preliminary Offering Circular contains substantially the information required in an offering circular by Form 1-A (§ 239.90 of this chapter), except that information with respect to offering price, underwriting discounts or commissions, discounts or commissions to dealers, amount of proceeds, conversion rates, call prices, or other matters dependent upon the offering price may be omitted. The outside front cover page of the Preliminary Offering Circular shall include a bona fide estimate of the range of the maximum offering price and maximum number of shares or other units of securities to be offered or a bona fide estimate of the principal amount of debt securities to be offered. 

(3) The material is filed as a part of the offering statement. 

(b) If a Preliminary Offering Circular is inaccurate or inadequate in any material respect, a revised Preliminary Offering Circular or a complete Offering Circular shall be furnished to all persons to whom securities are to be sold at least 48 hours prior to the mailing of any confirmation of sale to such persons, or shall be sent to such persons under such circumstances that it would normally be received by them 48 hours prior to receipt of confirmation of the sale.     

[57 FR 36468, Aug. 13, 1992, as amended at 61 FR 67202, Dec. 20, 1996]

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